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Do females live longer than males?

It is well known that females live longer than males, but does that statement hold statistically? Matthew Martinez and I set out to find out.

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Screenshot of Tori Dayton's website

Tori Dayton

Tori Dayton is a great friend and poet, this is the site I made for her to showcase her writings. It’s the first WordPress project I worked on and it set the tone for all the future ones I did. Check out her writings! I’m a fan of her work. (Not biased at all)

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Screenshot of the Math I/O Website

Math I/O

Math I/O is a website I founded with David Thames and Stephen Shamaiengar. The goal of this website is to help reinforce high school level math concepts in the form of enjoyable games. Most of the games are made using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. You can check them out here.

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