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Distance, Dimensionality Reduction, and Tendency

Validating Clustering Models

Connectivity Models

Cluster Evaluation

Centroid Models

Density Models

Analysis of Model Appropriateness

Distribution Models (If time permits)


Cluster Analysis 5th Edition

Cluster Analysis: 2014 Edition (Statistical Associates Blue Book Series 24)


In an ideal world, the topics below I estimated being a certain time period for learning them. Of course you have more experience when it comes to how long it actually takes to learn these topics, so I’ll leave this mostly to your discretion.

Distance, Dimensionality Reduction, and Tendency – 3 Weeks

Validating Cluster Models – 1 Week

Connectivity Models – 2 Weeks

Cluster Evaluation – 1 Week

Centroid Models – 3 Weeks

Density Models – 3 Weeks

Analysis of Model Appropriateness – 1 Week

The schedule above accounts for 14 weeks, so there is a week that is free as a buffer.


Creating this document got me really excited for this independent study. Feel free to give me feedback :)