Brandon Rozek

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PhD Student @ RPI studying Automated Reasoning in AI and Linux Enthusiast.


Modeling C0 Family Logics for Artificial Intelligence: Doxastic-Temporal Logics for Reasoning About Goals

Spectra: An Expressive STRIPS-Inspired AI Planner Based on Automated Reasoning

Partially Observable Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning with AI Planning (Student Abstract)

Parallel Verification of Natural Deduction Proof Graphs

The M Cognitive Meta-architecture as Touchstone for Standard Modeling of AGI-Level Minds

CryptoSolve: A Tool for the Analysis of Cryptographic Modes of Operation

A Framework for Testimony-Infused Automated Adjudicative Dynamic Multi-Agent Reasoning in Ethically Charged Scenarios

Algorithmic Problems in the Symbolic Approach to the Verification of Automatically Synthesized Cryptosystems


Initial Steps in Planning under Qualitative Uncertainty

Guiding Hiearchical Reinforcement Learning in Partially Observable Environments with AI Planning

CryptoSolve: Towards a Tool for the Symbolic Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms

Algorithmic Problems in Synthesized Cryptosystems


(Undergraduate) Brandon Rozek. “Expediting Learning with Interactive Demonstrations”, University of Mary Washington, 2019.


Efficient Parallel Verification of Natural Deduction Proof Graphs

QEP: The Quality Policy Evaluation Algorithm

Beowulf Cluster for Research and Education

Coherent Control of Atomic Population Using the Genetic Algorithm

Modelling Population Dynamics of Incoherent and Coherent Excitation

Modeling Population Dynamics of Incoherent and Coherent Excitation


National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, 2022-2025 (Tuition Support/$3400 per month stipend/$5000 Travel Fund/$1500 Personal Development Fund)

Clare Arrington, Maia Magrakvilidze, Ethan Ramirez, Brandon Rozek “High Performance Cluster System for Research and Education”, University of Mary Washington, 2017-2018 School Year ($3500)