Brandon Rozek

September, 2019

Live Documentation


SSH Config


Getting started with Digital Modes in Linux

August, 2019

Shutdown After Job

Local Repo From Live Installer

Network Throughput Testing

Virtualizing Environments with Clonezilla

Systemd with Python environments

Bash Flags

SSH Local Port Forwarding

Archiving Sites

Copy to RAM Please

Memory Errors in Go

July, 2019

Oh My Zsh


Rsync with a Different Key


Discovering Ham Radio

Gitlab CI/CD

June, 2019

Handling Background Processes in Bash

Why ZeroMQ

Debugging and Performance

Linux Desktop Icons

May, 2019

Adding Fonts

Unattended Upgrades

VNC Setup

Wacom and USB Redirection in Virtual Machines

External Media Formats

Capture The Flag

Symmetric Groups in Python

Color Manipulation with Sass

Python Virtual Environments

Borg Backup

Notes on '13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations'

Real Analysis Sequences in Haskell

January, 2018

Identifying Misspelled Words in your Dataset with Hunspell

August, 2017

Obtaining Command Line Input in Java

Escape Sequences in Java

July, 2017

Albuquerque Real Estate Multiple Regression model

June, 2017

Java Swing Components

Using System Themes In Java Swing

May, 2017

Viewing Java Applets

March, 2017

Male vs Female Life Expectancy

Monte Carlo Pi

Simplifying Expressions with Octave

Uniformity of Math.random()

Knit a Document in RStudio

August, 2016

Pass the password manager

December, 2015

Creating vCards from h-cards

Playing with QR Codes

November, 2015

Limiting the Cache in Service Workers Revisited

Math with Fractions.js

An Offline Experience with Service Workers

October, 2015


Javascript Conditional Statements

Animatable: Transform

Animatable: Visual

Javascript Data Types

HTML, CSS, Javascript, and how they all link together

Animatable: Location

Animatable: Text

September, 2015

Animatable: Box Model

May, 2015

Animatable: Border

April, 2015

Responsive Layout and Animation

Math Theory for Function Between Two Points