Brandon Rozek

Expedited Learning via Interactive Demonstrations

On December 4, 2019, I gave a defense on my honors research in the incorporation of demonstration data throughout a reinforcement learning algorithm. I have shown that this technique expedites the learning process.

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Building a Linux Cluster

In June 2019, Stefano Coronado and I were volunteered to give a talk at the Fredericksburg Linux Users group on our experiences building a Beowulf cluster for our University.

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Embezzlement of Parking Meter Funds: A Computational Approach to Hypothesis Testing

I was invited to give a talk to the Data Science Group at the University of Mary Washington called the Data Mavens. It was a 25 minute presentation on the bootstrap resampling technique with code on how to get started.

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Similyrics: A Music Recommendation Engine Based on Lyrics

At the VCU RamHacks hackathon, Clare Arrington, Harrison Crosse, and I demoed our product Similyrics. It’s a web application that takes your favorite song, grabs the lyrics, and finds a song from a database that closely matches to the song you have chosen lyric wise.

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