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Lecture Notes October 9th

Arrays (Cont.)

Another way of Array Initialization

String[] names = {"Jennifer", "Noodle", "Fluffy", "Rosie", "Cinnamon", "Brianne", "Oliver"}

Everything between the {} is the initial values in the names array in the order that it is written.

Recall that arrays are of a fixed size. The names array above has 7 elements.

What can I do if I want to add something to the names array?

Do the following steps:

  1. Create an empty array with the same size as the array
  2. Take all the contents in the array and store it in a temporary array
  3. Set names equal to another array of a bigger size
  4. Take all the contents in temp and store it back to the array of choice
  5. Add an element to the array by index
// (1)
String[] temp = new String[7];
// (2)
// (3)
names = new String[20]; // Now it can hold up to 20 names
// (4)
// (5)
names[7] = "New name!";