Brandon Rozek

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PhD Student @ RPI studying Automated Reasoning in AI and Linux Enthusiast.


Below is a list of courses I’ve taken in the past for credit.

Fall 2019

Software Engineering (CPSC 430)

Independent Study Honors (CPSC 491H)

Multivariable Calculus (MATH 224A)

Number Theory (MATH 321)

Abstract Algebra II (MATH 432)

Spring 2019

Deep Reinforcement Learning (CPSC 491)

Real Analysis I (MATH 471)

Abstract Algebra I (MATH 431)

Operating Systems (CPSC 405)

Digital Storytelling (CPSC 106)

Fall 2018

Reinforcement Learning (CPSC 491)

Programming Languages (CPSC 491)

Competitive Programming (CPSC 491)

Multivariate Statistics (STAT 461)

Foundations of Advance Mathematics (MATH 330)

Applications of Databases (CPSC 350)

Spring 2018

Foundations for Data Science (Data 219)

Theory of Computation (CPSC 326)

Data Structures and Algorithms (CPSC 340)

Differential Equations (MATH 312)

Cluster Analysis (STAT 491)

Fall 2017

Computer Systems and Architecture (CPSC 305)

Introduction to Data Science (DATA 101)

Linear Algebra (MATH 300)

Methods in Mathematical Physics (PHYS 317)

Probability & Statistical Inference I (STAT 381)

Undergraduate Research in Physics (URES 197J)

Spring 2017

Intro to Discrete Mathematics (CPSC 125A)

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (CPSC 240)

Statistical Methods (MATH 280)

University Physics II, with Lab (PHYS 106)

Undergraduate Research in Physics (URES 197J)

Fall 2016

Software Development Tools (CPSC 225)

Numbers Rule Your World (FSEM 100M1)

Intro to Statistics (MATH 200)

American Music (MUHL 156)

University Physics I, with Lab (PHYS 105)

Advance Placement

Computer Programming and Problem Solving (CPSC 220)

Intro to Human Geography (GEOG 102)

American History to 1865 (HIST 131)

American History since 1865 (HIST 132)

Calculus I (MATH 121)

Calculus II (MATH 122)

Calculus III (MATH 223)

General Psychology (PSYCH 100)