Archiving Sites

Brandon Rozek

August 2, 2019

I have several old Wordpress sites that are now only alive for archival purposes. I’ve been trying to migrate off of Wordpress since I don’t like having yet another system to manage. Luckily for archival type sites, I don’t need the whole backend of Wordpress since I don’t actually need any CRUD functionality. (Well I need the R part)

Solution… wget comes to the rescue

Thanks to user chuckg, I now know you can run wget -m -k -K -E https://url/of/web/site to get a full offline copy of a website.

Joel Gillman expanded out the command to wget --mirror --convert-links --backup-converted --adjust-extension https://url/of/web/site

There are other solutions in that stack overflow post, but something about the simplicity of wget appealed to me.

Check out this now Wordpress free site of mine!