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A day in Brooklyn

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Last month, my brother came to visit me. I was staying at NYC at the time, and took this as a perfect opportunity to explore around. The target on Saturday, Brooklyn.

Beginning from April through Octoboer, Smorgasburg Williamsburg offers a variety of different food stalls starting in the morning. We decided to start the day there with a late breakfast.

Image of many tents and people at Smorgasburg Williamsburg

We had some steamed bao buns (bun buns), drank juice out of a hallowed out pineapple, and ate taiyaki. There wasn’t a lot of shaded seating available, so we ended up eating on the grass near a tree.

Afterwards, we walked around Williamsburg and visited a few shops.

Image of a indoor shopping area

We then took the train to “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” (DUMBO). There we stumbled upon an art fair, and took some pictures on the way to the Brooklyn bridge.

Photo of Manhattan Bridge:

Photo of Brooklyn Bridge:

We walked all the way to the beginning of the prominade on Tillary street to get onto the Brooklyn bridge. From where we started this resulted in a lot of unnecessary walking. If I was to do this again, I would’ve climbed the staircase located in the underpass of Washington street and Prospect street.

In the middle of the bridge

After crossing the bridge and reaching our 20k steps for the day, we found the nearest bench in city hall park and looked up places to eat. While doing so, we saw a biker run over the wings of a pigeon. At least for the pigeon, a little girl fed it Pringles afterwards.

We ended up eating at a HotPot place in the Manhattan Chinatown nearby. It’s harder to justify shared buffet style restaurants like unlimited hot pot or sushi when it’s just Clare and I. So how can we let go of that chance? The food turned out great and we’re looking out for the next excuse to eat it again.

Photo of Hot Pot meal with boiling soup and meats and veggies on the side

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