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Text to Speech on Linux with Espeak

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espeak is a command line tool that lets you type in messages and have it said back to you.

To install on Ubuntu

sudo apt install espeak

It’s as simple as running it and typing out what you want to say

Delightly Linux wrote a great post describing the different features espeak has.

Playing around with different voices and I can get something like this:

You can also replicate the sound above by piping the text into espeak

echo "Warning warning the build has failed" | espeak -s 140 -v en+f4

Subset of Arguments

Argument Description
-f Text file to speak
-p Pitch adjustment from 0 to 99 (default: 50)
-s Speed in words per minute (default: 160)
-v Voice file from espeak-data/voices
-w Write output to WAV file instead of speakers
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