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Firefox Privacy Configuration

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Firefox has a great number of configurable options when it comes to privacy. I first discovered this as I was browsing privacytools.io recommendations. Mozilla also has a privacy task force documenting some these options. I later learned that there is a website called Firefox Profilemaker that takes the user step by step creating a privacy preserving profile.

Here are the list of settings in about:config that I found most interesting,

Flag Description
privacy.resistFingerprinting Attempts to resist fingerprinting.
privacy.firstparty.isolate Isolates cookies to the first party domain to prevent tracking across domains.
network.IDN_show_punycode Render internationalized domain name (IDN) as Punycode equivalent to help against phishing attacks.

Hold Integrity released a tool to check IDNs and see if there are any look alikes domains registered on the Internet.

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