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Re: On Earbuds

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In response to Ricard Torres post

I also recently bought the Google Pixel buds (August 2023) and agree with you on how magical they are. Beforehand, I primarily used the Sony WH-100XM4 headphones for a couple years. While I still believe that those are superior in terms of audio quality, the Google Pixel buds have it beat in terms of convenience. They allow me to have one earbud in to not only enjoy whichever podcast I’m listening to at the moment, but also be able to quickly hear my fiance when she wants to strike a conversation with me.

While the Google Pixel buds are my new default. I do believe there are situations when other solutions are appropriate.

  • For video calls, I often use a cheap pair of 2.5mm wired earphones. This is mainly to not include latency introduced by bluetooth.
  • When I’m in an extended noisy non-interactive situation like a airline flight. I find that the Sony WH-100XM4 headphones cancels out more noise which is needed for an enjoyable experience.
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