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Photograph the Ordinary Times

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Whenever I go out I enjoy taking photos. Given how easy it is to take photos nowadays, I aim to capture the moment through more candid expressions. Not all of the photos turn out nice or flattering, but there are usually at least a few that help bring me back to that time.

It’s easy to remember to take photos when a special event is going on. Perhaps you’re visiting a location for the first time, or you are hanging out with people. What’s harder to remember is taking photos in locations you constantly go to or around the house.

What is interesting about ordinary times like these? They are a dime a dozen. If I photograph my simple moments everyday, I’ll clutter my photo library.

That may be true, but I argue that they at least deserve a spot in your photo library.

I find that my life constantly changes. It may be because I’m still young and moving around places. But I believe this is still the case even if you settle down in a location.

For example, I used to go to Spillin’ the Beans in Troy, NY for breakfast every week. Now they closed down. Since I have taken a couple photos of that location, I can look back and remember my times there.

People come and go in our lives. Friends may move to different locations or kids move out of the house. What we might at one point taken for granted and call ordinary, may be gone the next moment.

We ourselves undergo change over time. Both through age and sometimes in the way we style ourselves.

Therefore, next time you go out and visit a coffee shop or park that you frequent. Snap a photo. Future you will thank you later for the memory.

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