Playing with Live CDs

Brandon Rozek

January 12, 2020

I was curious on how Lubuntu 19.10 looked but I didn’t feel like rebooting my computer and loading into a new ISO. Luckily there is a nice easy way to play around with live CDs.

Here’s the command

virt-install --name=Lubuntu \
  --nodisks  --livecd \
  --graphics spice \
  --vcpu=4 \
  --ram=4096 \
  --os-type=linux \
  --sound \
  --accelerate \

The arguments mean the following

Argument Meaning
nodisks No storage disks are created
livecd Set the boot to the cdrom after installation
graphics Sets the graphics mode
vcpu Number of virtual CPUs
RAM Size of RAM
os-type Linux/Windows/etc.
sound Attach a virtual audio device
accelerate Make use of the KVM or KQEMU kernel acceleration capabilities if available.
cdrom Location of ISO

Once you run this command once, the image is “installed”. This means that we can easily access it in the future with the following commands

virsh start Lubuntu
virt-viewer Lubuntu