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Wordguess: A game for the Tildeverse

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The Tildeverse is a collection of online communities that allows people to create user accounts on public unix machines (pubnixes). Often this is to create websites, however, one component that I think deserves additional attention is the creation of games for these communities.

Three games that are featured in the message-of-the-day in Tilde.club are:

These games are designed to be multiplayer, but it doesn’t need to in order to be a social game. A large example of this recently, is the game Wordle.

Wordle is designed to be played by oneself. A challenge is issued once a day, and the player gets a score based on their performance. The players can then compare the scores with each other and strive to beat each other on future days.

WordGuess is a Wordle inspired game I made designed to run on a pubnix. It relies on the Linux permission system to authenticate players and keeps a leaderboard showing players scores for each of the days.

Below is how it looks like for a player to SSH into the pubnix and play the game:

Gameplay of WordGuess

For those on the Tilde.club server, it’s already setup and ready to play. Run the following command to start:

python /home/brozek/WordGuess/client.py

After playing the game you’re welcome to see the scores of others that day:

python /home/brozek/WordGuess/leaderboard.py

If you’re not on Tilde.club. You’re welcome to set it up yourself on any Linux server or pubnix. The instructions are listed on the Github.

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