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PhD Student @ RPI studying Automated Reasoning in AI and Linux Enthusiast.

The M Cognitive Meta-architecture as Touchstone for Standard Modeling of AGI-Level Minds

Authors: Selmer Bringsjord, James T Oswald, Michael Giancola, Brandon Rozek, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu,

Conference: International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

Publication Date: 2023/05/24

Abstract: We introduce rudiments of the cognitive meta-architecture M (majuscule of 𝜇 and pronounced accordingly), and of a formal procedure for determining, with M as touchstone, whether a given cognitive architecture 𝑋𝑖 (from among a finite list 1 …𝑘 of modern contenders) conforms to a minimal standard model of a human-level AGI mind. The procedure, which for ease of exposition and economy in this short paper is restricted to arithmetic cognition, requires of a candidate 𝑋𝑖, (1), a true biconditional expressing that for any human-level agent a, a property possessed by this agent, as expressed in a declarative mathematical sentence s(a), holds if and only if a formula 𝜒𝑖(𝔞) in the formal machinery/languages of 𝑋𝑖 holds as well (𝔞 being an in-this-machinery counterpart to natural-language name a). Given then that M is such that 𝑠(𝑎) iff 𝜇(𝔪), where the latter formula is in the formal language of M, with 𝔪 the agent modeled in M, a minimal standard modeling of an AGI-level mind is certifiably achieved by 𝑋𝑖 if, (2), it can be proved that 𝜒𝑖(𝔞) iff 𝜇(𝔞). We conjecture herein that such confirmatory theorems can be proved with respect to both cognitive architectures NARS and SNePS, and have other cognitive architectures in our sights.

PDF Link: http://kryten.mm.rpi.edu/M_launch.pdf