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April, 2024

Functions and Inductive Propositions in Lean 4

March, 2024

Working with integer sets in Lean 4

Coercing Ints to Nats for Induction in Lean 4

Lean 4 Tutorial

March, 2023

Lean 3 Tutorial

January, 2023

Induction in Lean 3: Three Techniques

Readable Lean 3 Proofs

December, 2022

Obtaining Multiple Solutions Z3

February, 2022

Loop Invariants

Reasoning through Loops in Dafny

Program Verification with Hoare Logic and Dafny

Dafny v3.3 Show Countermodel

October, 2021

Lean 3 Theorem Prover Tactics

December, 2019

Theorem Proving Definitions