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Extract All the Things

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Sandra Henry-Stocker from Network World wrote a great post on how to standardize extracting files on Linux. It’s a shell script that works so well, that I placed it in my ~/.local/bin directory in order to call upon it at any time. Here’s part of it, check out the post for more.

if [ -f $1 ] ; then
  case $1 in
    *.tar.bz2)  tar xjf $1   ;;
    *.tar.gz)   tar xzf $1   ;;
    *.tar.xz)   tar zxvf $1  ;;
    *.bz2)      bunzip2 $1   ;;
    *.rar)      rar x $1     ;;
    *.gz)       gunzip $1    ;;
    *.tar)      tar xf $1    ;;
    *.tbz2)     tar xjf $1   ;;
    *.tgz)      tar xzf $1   ;;
    *.xz)       xz -d $1     ;;
    *.zip)      unzip $1     ;;
    *.Z)        uncompress $1;;
    *)          echo "contents of '$1' cannot be extracted" ;;
  echo "'$1' is not recognized as a compressed file"
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