Brandon Rozek

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PhD Student @ RPI studying Automated Reasoning in AI and Linux Enthusiast.


March, 2022

Non-Root Systemd Scripts

February, 2021

Clearing Systemd Logs

November, 2020

Autostart Desktop Applications

Chroot and Virtual Filesystems

Multicast Receive Script

Custom Device Paths with UDEV rules

October, 2020

Quickly Creating CGroups to Limit CPU/Memory of Applications

Bandwidth Limiting Applications

June, 2020

Extract All the Things

May, 2020

Show Applications using the Internet

April, 2020


March, 2020

Record Output Audio via Terminal


February, 2020

Resuming Stopped Apt Updates

Missing Libraries

Custom Executables

Ping Discovery

Bat: The user friendly cat

January, 2020

Zsh and Snaps

Temporary Static IP

Mirror Download with wget

Burning ISOs with dd/pv

Limit Bandwidth through Terminal


Quickly Setting up a Storage Device

Toggling X Input

Virtual Disks

Temporarily Resolving Hostnames

December, 2019

LXD on tmpfs

Analyzing Startup Times with Systemd

Advanced Docker Image Construction with Bash

Ensuring Docker Compose Startup with Systemd



November, 2019


September, 2019



August, 2019

Network Throughput Testing

Systemd with Python environments

Copy to RAM Please

July, 2019

Oh My Zsh

June, 2019

Linux Desktop Icons

May, 2019

Custom System Fonts

Unattended Upgrades

Wacom and USB Redirection in Virtual Machines