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Mirror Download with wget

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This post will describe downloading a centos repo using wget. Though the ideas in this blog post can apply to any mirror with packages exposed via http.

wget \
  --accept rpm,bz2,gz,xml,asc \
  --recursive \
  --no-parent \
  --no-host-directories \
  --cut-dirs=4 \

Here are what the options mean…

Option Meaning
--accept Comma separated by which extensions to allow downloading
--recursive Follow links
--no-parent Only follow links that are sub-directories of the current one
--no-host-directories Exclude creating a folder indicating the hostname
--cut-dirs=N Don’t make folders for a depth of N subdirectories. Notice in the example centos, 8, BaseOS, x86_64, os is a list of 5 subdirectories so N=5
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