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Oh My Zsh

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Zsh is an extension of the sh that contains a lot more features than the default bash shell installed on most systems.

For example, one of my new favorite features is being able to type in part of a command in your history and using the up-arrow to find it.

For example:

vim test.hi

Then typing vim and up-arrow will expand it to vim test.hi. Super handy when you have to type of long commands frequently.

Oh My Zsh is a community project that superpowers zsh which allows you to easily add plugins and themes. The theme I’m currently using is powerlevel10k which is a custom theme.

The list of plugins I have is:

  • git
  • colored-man-pages
  • colorize
  • command-not-found
  • cp
  • rsync
  • screen
  • ssh-agent
  • web-search
  • docker
  • node
  • npm
  • nvm
  • gem
  • ruby
  • pip
  • python
  • pyenv
  • virtualenv
  • debian
  • systemd
  • sudo
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting
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